Wedding stationary for a couple

It is about two people and their wedding) I create beautiful calligraphy for their special day. Hope, you will enjoy it!


I believe that the letters, that I write for my clients – are live. It’s hard to explain, but it’s true. And the whole process of creating an inscription – is a kind of birth.

First, we discuss the idea with the customer, then I think a lot, I scroll through my options, analyze, try to find the main thing. Then comes the stage of sketches – they appear, are modified, rewritten a hundred times, they grow, acquire character.
And in the end, you get one conscious inscription – with its own characteristic features, with a rhythm, with its own form. At this stage, the inscription becomes an original personality. It sounds. It moves under its own melody. It is alive.

And the greatest happiness for me – is when my letters continue to live their own lives. They settle on websites, on business cards, on tags, they are printed in different colors, they decorate houses, they are CONTINUED.

This is for me always the result of my work.

Some of the inscriptions find such good owners that my heart is filled with love and gratitude. This is about the response, about the impact. About warm words, about support and about the belief that I will do everything well. Such orders fill me, such orders tell me that I am in my place.

See what they are alive! And what a great love they are!